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A crown is a type of dental restoration used to improve teeth that are weak, fractured, broken or are decayed. The crown is placed over the entire surface of the tooth, protecting it as well as providing extra tooth strength. At The Care Dental Group, we use the most advanced dental materials creating natural, tooth-coloured porcelain crowns that are made to match the rest of your teeth.

Benefits of Crowns

  • Restore damaged or decayed teeth.
  • Provide protection to weak or cracked teeth.
  • Eliminate the need for extraction.
  • Restore the shape and size of a tooth.
  • Enhance small or worn down teeth.
  • Restore proper chewing and biting capabilities.

Our treatment process

1. Your Consultation

The dentist will discuss your suitability for having a crown, then the crown fitting procedure the procedure. You’ll be able to ask any questions you have, as well as raise any concerns.

2. Your Treatment

Our dentist will prepare the tooth by removing any decay or damage from it and then shaping it to take the crown. Impressions of the tooth will be taken to create a custom-made crown that fits perfectly. The finished crown will be cemented into place.

3. Aftercare

You’ll be advised to maintain good oral hygiene through brushing twice a day and flossing regularly. You’ll also need to avoid hard or sticky foods for a while.

Before & After Results - Crowns


  • If you have extensive issues with your teeth, such as tooth decay, a cracked tooth, or a large filling that needs to be replaced, you may need a dental crown. Plus, if you have a tooth missing, and you want implants, these will include a crown, fitted to the top of them.

  • Following the administering of our signature ‘Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™’ to minimise your discomfort, the tooth will be reshaped by removing a portion of its outer layer. This is typically about 1-2 mm, to create space for the crown to fit over it. Once the tooth is properly shaped, an impression of it will be is sent to a dental lab where the crown will be custom-made. You’ll have a temporary crown before your permanent one is fitted. Once the permanent crown is fitted, it will be cemented into place using dental adhesive. Our dentist will then make any necessary adjustments to ensure a proper fit and bite.

  • At The Care Dental Group, we prioritise painfree treatments, which is why we developed our ‘Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™.’ You should be comfortable and relaxed during your crown fitting.

  • On average, dental crowns can last anywhere from 5 to 15 years. With proper care and maintenance, your crowns can last even longer.

  • Our crowns are made of porcelain using natural materials and advanced technology. They ensure a seamless colour blend and a comfortable fit.

  • Dental crowns are recommended for patients with severely decayed or damaged teeth that cannot be repaired with fillings or other dental treatments. Additionally, dental crowns may be used to protect weakened teeth after root canal therapy or to improve the appearance of misshapen or discoloured teeth.

  • Dental crowns are a very common dental procedure. When being fitted by an experienced dentist, they are considered to be very safe.

  • “I just love this dental practice. From the receptionists to the dentists and hygienists, everyone is so nice, friendly and accommodating. The dentists are top notch and very professional for kids and adults alike. We always go there for hygiene and I couldn’t recommend Angela highly enough. She is thorough and gentle at the same time, leaving you feeling really refreshed! She is great at making your teeth squeaky clean and always puts children at ease. Great team, awesome practice!”

    Lyne Khabbaz Chamié

  • “I went to Dr Mahir for teeth whitening. He is an excellent and highly capable dentist who patiently explained the process and gave me incredible results. Couldn’t recommended him enough. Would give him 6 stars if I could.”

    Akshay Koregaonkar

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    Ritzy Richards


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